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Re: [ksurf] F One directional 195cm

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  • Rudy de Groot
    My ahd s 2meter board doesn t have significant sharp rails but it carves like h. due too it s shape and bottom concave. don t look at your weight but look
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2001
      My ahd's 2meter board doesn't have significant sharp rails but it carves
      like h. due too it's shape and bottom concave. don't look at your weight but
      look (visualize/ask) if & when your kite can get your board into planing.
      when you gain skill you can plane more quickly and any board designed for
      kiting should work. you could even ride a 160 directional, or a 125 wakie if
      your kitepower is enough so base yourself on the power of the kite you own /
      want to buy and if you want kiteboarding, kitesurfing or both.

      In short, a wakestyle kiteboard should need rails, a directional doesn't
      necessary. directionals carve or turn by using the fins, wakestylers use
      their rail. you need kite power to plane / float and some skill for bottom
      range winds.

      Stoked4Life, RudyG.

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      From: <henas@...>

      > I am new to kite surfing. My local surf shop offered me this board in
      > a package.
      > I understand for kiteboarding board should have sharp rails.
      > This board seem to have pretty soft rails especially compere to
      > Stonker 195 (this was my first choice) and seems to be pretty floaty
      > as well.
      > Has anyone got any experience with this board?
      > Perhaps some recommendations.
      > I am windsurfer. I am weighing 90Kg.
      > Henryk Majewski
      > henas@...
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