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Re: Wakeboard Selection and Design Questions

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  • bnow@earthlink.net
    I would say that no matter how hard you try to figure out which board you want to buy with your head, including all of our well meaning advice, the only way to
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 29, 2001
      I would say that no matter how hard you try to figure out which
      board you want to buy with your head, including all of our well
      meaning advice, the only way to really know what board you are going
      to be happy with is to ride it. So if you are not in a big hurry to
      buy the board, seek out the shops and people that will let you try
      the board before you buy it. It doesn't matter if it is a TT,
      wakeboard, or directional. What matters is that you like the way it
      rides, and are comfortable on the board. What I like, you may hate,
      so there is no one board that is perfect for everyone. If you ride
      several boards you will have a better idea of what you want a board
      to perform like. I wouldn't be too concerned about getting
      the "right" board that you will not want to replace in a year.
      Chances are if you get catch the same addictive behavior pattern that
      most of us share about this sport, you will want to change the board
      in a year anyhow. By then your riding style will have
      changed/improved, so even if you are totally stoked on a board you
      want this year, by next year that may all change. So if you want to
      keep the cost down find a board you like and buy it used. Then take
      every opportunity you can to try out other boards. In a year of
      riding / improving, and trying other boards, you will know exactly
      what board you will want to buy new by the next year. Hey I even have
      a board that you may want. It's only 5 months old and I will sell it
      cheap. E-mail me if you are interested. Anyhow that aside; The board
      flex, weight, tail cut, and bottom design will of course change the
      way a board rides, but there is no single design characteristic that
      you can point to and say; If a board has a Dominatrix concave bottom,
      a square tip/tail, and the flex is rated at 8.5 lbs that it will be a
      great board. It's the whole board and all of it's characteristics
      that make it ride the way it does. It would be interesting if there
      was a way to have people try different boards without knowing what
      they are, sort of like the blind Pepsi / Coke taste test challenge.
      I think we would find that people would choose boards that are not
      necessarily the custom high dollar boards at all, but would instead
      choose boards on the way they feel on the water, and not whether they
      are the name brand that is suppose to be the best thing going. We
      have the ability to make almost any board work, so find one that
      instills a sense of confidence in you by the way it works with your
      riding style. There is just no substitute for riding the board you
      are interested in.


      --- In kitesurf@y..., tgaunce@b... wrote:
      > For all the gearheads and designers out there ...
      > I'll be obsessing about selecting my first wakeboard over the next
      > little while. I got my first ride on one at a REAL Kiteboarding
      > a few weeks ago and am hooked.
      > My stats:
      > 180lbs riding the NC Coastal flat waters.
      > Starting to get some jumps. Maintain my ground. Making some of my
      > turns. I will go with full bindings. Other board is an F-One TT
      > with sandals.
      > There seems to be a lot of changing designs out there. The only
      > board I've ridded is a 139cm Jimmy Lewis Custom VulcanII Dominatrix.
      > Sweet board! Would I be able to tell the difference between
      > board and this one? Say the Naish 140? Pitbull 148?
      > How big a factor and what advantages to the following design
      > parameters offer:
      > Board flex?
      > Board weight?
      > Tail cutout (pickle fork, slight fork, squared off)?
      > Dominatrix (concave) bottom?
      > I've noticed that the new Wipika Inferno has the JL Dominatrix
      > as well. Will we see more boards with this concave bottom and
      > increased flex?
      > Big question ... is the JL Custom worth the $$premium over a
      > production board?
      > Would I notice the difference?
      > If $$ was not an issue I would be all over the JL.
      > I want to keep costs down but don't want to invest in a board I'll
      > want to replace in a year.
      > Thanks.
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