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Re: NSI twin tip straps

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  • tpurdy1@gte.net
    ... is ... I don t beleive there is a left and right as much as there is an inside and outside. So, I have the one on the left foot so you can read NSI and
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 2001
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      --- In kitesurf@y..., gary.p.kjelleren@g... wrote:
      > NSI has a new twin tip strap. Bought a pair yesterday. No
      > adjustment, no holes, no screws, no directions. Apparently there
      > a left and right, but this is a little unclear. There is a fortune
      > cookie paper tucked in one end of the strap that says this end to
      > center.

      I don't beleive there is a left and right as much as there is an
      inside and outside. So, I have the one on the left foot so you can
      read NSI and the right foot is upside down. That should put the
      fortune cookie paper on the inside for both straps. (which is my
      interpretation of this side toward the center.) (who knows maybe I
      have them in wrong ;).

      To be honest, I couldn't really tell from looking at them wich way
      they go and it probabaly doesn't make too much difference. I expect
      the foam on the inside is cut differently...... If you look inside
      there is a layer of foam like on deck padz glued to the inside of the
      webbing, very comfy. Probably why there is no adjustment in the
      strap and who wants an adjustable stap? (unless you are lending out
      your board all the time, or have a school, or well anyway, I don't
      need it....)

      THe strap is very wide and looks like it will be a comfort
      > and security improvement over regular straps. Has anybody tried to
      > put these on yet and if so, any recommendations on getting a good
      > fit. I would prefer to not be burning lots of holes in the wrong
      > spots. Also, and perhaps most importantly, which is left and right?

      I like the strap, alot. I had windsurfing hawaii footstraps before
      which are my favorite for windsurfing but these are much more
      comfortable and you can bury your whole foot into them and still get
      out if you want.

      I put them in the same place that my old footstraps went and just
      burned a hole 3/4" or so in. I just moved them closer togethor by a
      notch this afternoon and that seems like it might be better as more
      of the foot is in the strap.

      So, I would say, you should put them on the ground, put your foot in
      all the way so that it comes right close to the ankle and then hold
      it down and mark the spots where you want screws. The washer should
      make them a little bit tighter. I don't expect you want them putting
      pressure on the front of your ankle bone but what do I know?

      Don't sweat it and go kiting,

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