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Re: what is best kite video?

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  • tgaunce@bellsouth.net
    IMO Air Sickness is the best! Power Zone 2 is decent but still does not compare to Air Sickness What makes Air Sickness better? You get segments of
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 5, 2001
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      IMO "Air Sickness" is the best!
      "Power Zone 2" is decent but still does not compare to "Air Sickness"

      What makes "Air Sickness" better?

      You get segments of riding at multiple locations and/or events.

      Much less intro/advertisement.

      Segments dedicated to individual riders. In PZ2 it flipped back an
      fourth between riders a lot ... you really had to watch to see who it

      The riders talk ... get a chance to identify with them a bit ... they
      become more real.

      I also like the music better.

      Much longer (play time).

      Again, just my opinion, but I'm waiting for (hoping for) "Air
      Sickness II" for those days I'm stuck at home.
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