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RE: [ksurf] Advice wanted - light wind kites

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  • Van de Mosselaer Jef
    When I was on vacation in Carnon a couple of weeks ago, I saw Laurent Ness and Jeremy Bouby having lots of fun in very light wind with an RRD 14.9. They kept
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2001
      When I was on vacation in Carnon a couple of weeks ago, I saw Laurent Ness
      and Jeremy Bouby having lots of fun in very light wind with an RRD 14.9.
      They kept their height with ease. Jeremy was jumping two to three meters
      high, and he is heavier than I am. Then they let me have a go. I lost about
      50 meters on one tack, on a twintip so I did not even have to gibe. Moral
      of the story : it is not only wind, kite, your weight,... A lot has to do
      with kite flying skills. I have been kiting for three years now and
      considered myself an OK kite flyer. They made me realise that I still have a
      lot to learn.
      At 140 lbs there should be kites enough out there that have the potential to
      get you going. But flying in low winds is not easy. You have to practice a
      lot and get to know the kite that you have decided on, because every mistake
      you make, will cause the kite to drop out of the sky.

      I bought the RRD 14.9 myself, because I saw what the kite can do. However
      the easiest low wind kite that I have flown myself, is the Naish ARX 19.5.
      But this kite is so huge that it has a considerably lower high end range,
      while - with the necessary skill - the RRD 14.9 should have the same low end


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      > You are one of the lucky light weight guys that can get great
      > light wind performance from kites like
      > the 15.5 Naish, 14.9 RRD, 16 Rinho, 11.8 Air Blast, or 11.5
      > Free Air. Consider yourself lucky you
      > don't have to use those monster kites, like the 16.4.
      > Dwight
      > > I weigh 140 lbs and have a Naish 9.0 AR 3.5 which is fine from about
      > > 13 to 20 mph - the top end is fine cos that's when windsurfing
      > > starts. I wanted a bigger kite for increasing use in lighter winds
      > > and went for the biggest possible, a Wipika 16.4. Regrets. It's so
      > > heavy it won't fly at all in less than 9 mph, falls out of
      > the sky in
      > > lulls if stationary (and is difficult to keep moving since it's so
      > > slow), is incredibly difficult to relaunch, and is so slow
      > to respond
      > > that it's a very dfferent beast, with a very different learning
      > > curve, and little wind range advantage for all the extra hassle. No
      > > doubt it is made for someone more skilled (or heavier?) than me. So
      > > what should I have got instead to maximise my wind range at the
      > > bottom end? I guess it is a compromise between higher power (bigger
      > > kite) and lower weight (smaller kite). Any ideas? Anyone (in the UK)
      > > want to buy a Wipika 16.4, hardly used?
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