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[ksurf] Re: Quad XL

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  • Chad Campbell
    Hey, thanks, man, just what I needed to hear. Good enough to learn on is good enough for me. Any suggestions on securing the straps? I have but a small
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      Hey, thanks, man, just what I needed to hear.  Good enough to learn on is good enough for me.  Any suggestions on securing the straps?  I have but a small idea, I think...
      Thanks again,
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      > G'day.  I've never kitesurfed before, but I'm in the process of making
      > it happen.  I'm converting an old surfboard, and I really need help on
      > that, and receiving my Quadrifoil XL in about a week...weighing in at
      > 165 lbs, is this enough kite?  I think they're around 53 sq/ft.
      > Thanks
      > Chad

        Just the other day my friend Mark brought his footstrap adapted
      surfboard out to the lake to meet me and give kitesurfing a try. I own
      an XL and also weigh around 165. The winds were moderate but not above
      15mph. After several failed attempts at just getting on the board, I
      managed to take off, snowplowing if you will, then managed to plane a
      little, after a couple of more blunders, planed a little more. Over all
      a great learning experience. The XL did have enough power for me to get
      going, but I plan on getting a CQUAD 6.3 eventually as I feel I'll want
      more power as I get better. I use a harness and I would recommend
      getting one if you don't.


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