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Re: [ksurf] Airblast center line collar

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  • Dwight & Jacky
    ... The 2002 bars will be improved, so for now I d suggest the Air Rush, Slingshot, Longhorn, or Davinci. ... Good cheap bars. ... Yes, with the extra cost
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2001
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      > Hey there,
      > Just spent yesterday flying a 8.4 Airblast. It was a fine kite. I
      > particularly liked the reverse launch capability!
      > The kite was a loaner from my local shop. I know they got it a few months
      > ago.
      > I had a problem with the center line collar. As long as I was hooked into
      > the chickenloop, things were fine, but if I unhooked and flew the kite
      > through the power zone, the velcro collar that attaches to the bar would
      > let go, the center lines would go shooting off, and the kite would fall out
      > of the sky. Has anybody else had this problem? The velcro on the collar
      > was initially dry when it was put on. I confirmed with some local guys
      > that the collar had been installed properly.
      > I didn't like the bar setup on the Wipika. The Naish kites I've used in
      > lessons are much plusher, with fancy winders, etc. The
      > hole-through-the-middle setup seems to me to be superior to Wipika's
      > collar. I also like the Naish wrist leash setup, rather than the little
      > Wipika clip that is supposed to attach to the harness. I feel that the
      > wrist leash is probably easier to release in an emergency.
      > Have later versions of the Wipika bars been improved?

      The 2002 bars will be improved, so for now I'd suggest the Air Rush, Slingshot, Longhorn, or

      > My dealer can get Airush bars and accessories. Has anybody had experience
      > with these products?

      Good cheap bars.

      > When it comes to the kites, does the ARX have the reverse launch
      > capability?

      Yes, with the extra cost bridle kit.

      >Can you convert a 4-line R3 to reverse launch?

      No need, a child could relaunch it without the bridle.

      I think that
      > reverse launching is _really_ slick.

      But dangerous and not what you want to use unless you have too.

      > Thanks again,
      > Alan
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