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Re: Mark: ARC 1120 Wedged & Non-Wedged Characteristics

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  • jmullmd@home.com
    ... M...I can see the above statement because it seems like you and I ... to 75% sheeted out (range 0-75%), while I use more of the 25-100% ... J...Actually
    Message 1 of 8 , Sep 4, 2001
      --- In kitesurf@y..., Mark bnow@e... wrote:>
      --- In kitesurf@y..., John jmullmd@h... wrote:

      M...I can see the above statement because it seems like you and I
      > are using slightly different portions of the power range of the
      > kite. You seem to be using more of the range from complete stall
      to 75% sheeted out (range 0-75%), while I use more of the 25-100%
      > range.

      J...Actually Mark, I just have a huge sheeting range and go to 100%
      depowered with my arms fairly outstretched.

      M... I could set my rig up more like the way
      > you have yours set, but I would actually have to make the rear
      lines shorter than the front by about 3-inches (right now all my
      lines are equal length with the adjusting strap all the way out). I
      may experiment with that portion of the power range and see if I like
      it better. \\\

      J...I bet you won't...I really spend most of my time (damn near 100%)
      in the fully sheeted out position, and sounds like you and I are
      really spending our time in the same part of the AOA range.

      M...I still think if you clocked the
      > speed of both kites, or timed how long it takes each kite to go
      > one end of the power zone to the other (using the exact same AOA),
      > the non wedged ARC would be faster and also take less time to cross
      > the window.\\\\

      J...Interesting thought...since my impression is that if both kites
      were fully sheeted out, the wedged version would smoke the stock
      version. But...we both might be right; the wedged kite probably has a
      lower AOA when fully sheeted out...crap, have I given you enough
      lousy conjecture here, or maybe should I continue and tell you what
      investments will be good over the next six months while I'm at it???

      M... I wonder what would happen if you stacked with really short
      > lines? Maybe just enough line to make it a double decker ARC, with
      > spar wingtips actually only a foot apart. You would need to
      > use two of the same size ARCs to do it, but it would be
      > Maybe I will try it with my two 630's. How do you attach your
      > stacked ARC's John?

      J...Mark, I've stacked my stock 1120 and 840 with 2m lines and they
      flew great and launched great from the side of the window, but
      downwind launching was a little freaky due to the windshadowing of
      the 1120 by the 840. Also, in light winds, those stock ARCs really
      enjoyed stalling and threatening to make me swim with the ARC ANCHOR,
      so I abandoned the short lines. From a tangle perspective, short
      stack lines are GREAT. I think short stack lines would really be
      great with wedged ARCs as the stalling tendency is all but GONE and
      you're left with an awesome light wind flying machine. I'll re-try
      the 2m stack lines, and maybe even 1m if I really get motivated.
      But...although it's a bit against your current inclinations, I say
      launch from one tip and from less than straight downwind if you try
      short stack lines to avoid tricky windshadowing...you'll get a
      smoother and quicker launch for sure. I larkshead my stack lines
      first, then hook up my flying lines to the bottom kite in the usual
      fashion. I have 6 or 8 inch Q-line pigtails on the rears of my kites
      so it's easy to make the rear stack lines a bit longer...no need to
      exceed 8 inches if they're wedged...4-6 inches should be just fine.
      The one foot stack lines really sound crazy...so what the hell, one
      of us should try it and report back on the performance of the
      wedgemite sandwich. Maybe we should just forget the stack lines,
      stick the kites together with peanut butter and see how they do?

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