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Re: ***ARC Wedging***

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  • jmullmd@home.com
    Hola Pedro,I know Mel answered you already, but I might add a different opinion or two.--- In kitesurf@y..., Pedro Manuel Osete Láiz wrote:
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2001
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      Hola Pedro,

      I know Mel answered you already, but I might add a different opinion or

      --- In kitesurf@y..., Pedro Manuel Osete Láiz <periku@h...> wrote:
      > Hi to all, it's Pedro from Spain.
      > 1- Do I have to sew any strap or spectra/dyneema lines along the =
      new edge profile or I only have to sew the internal bridle surplus?


      > 2- Will I need my ARC get unwedged later?
      > 3- What about sew a zip to wedge/unwedge ARC? I read about that..=

      Like Mel said, you won't want to.

      > 4- What kind of thread will I need? Is polyester fine or will I n=
      eed something stronger like upholstery nylon?

      I used upholstery thread on mine.

      > 5- Is a zig-zag stitch what I have to do?

      You might want to zigzag if you choose to reinforce the internal
      Dyneema bridle. I did this, and also hand sewed some upholstery thread
      in the internal bridle for further reinforcement, but this might have
      been unnecessary.

      > 6- Do I have to glue the bent fabric before sewing?
      > 7- Will I need to tape/seal the sewing?

      No glue or tape. If you draw your lines nice and dark you will be happy
      not to have taped. Some tapes can leave a residue when removed which is
      sticky and makes sewing difficult. If you leave the tape in place, it
      might be difficult to deal with if you later notice sand or water
      weight becoming a problem. I say draw your lines and make occasional
      transverse lines across so that you ensure you are not letting one side
      of the wedge get longer than the other. Also, drawing a line straight
      down the center of the kite from the middle of the front wedge to the
      midpoint of the trailing edge might help you align things while sewing.
      Don't bother with the tape...I initially did and it's worthless and
      even counterproductive.

      > 8- What do I have to do with the central air intake?

      I sewed across the mesh exactly as if it were part of the ripstop nylon
      part of the kite...no problem. On the older ARCs with the waterfoil
      style valves, the central air intake valve will disappear into the
      wedge and you won't miss it at all.

      > 9- Does wedging really worth?

      It's great. It made my 1120 become my favorite kite; fast and easy to
      turn like the 840, but with floatier jumps.
      > I'm very scared about doing something wrong.

      Then you better get going on the wedge. You'll love it so much you'll
      find that not wedging is the wrong thing...
      > Sorry for my english and thanx in advice.

      Todo muy bien dicho...no tardes...wedgelo ahora!
      > Pedro from Cartagena.
      > Buenos Vientos.

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