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Re: [ksurf] ***ARC Wedging***

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  • Mel
    ... new edge profile No. ... Yes. ... No, there s no reason to (no benefit). ... that.... No need, since there s no advantage to unwedging. ... need something
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2001
      Pedro Manuel Osete Láiz <periku@...> wrote:

      > 1- Do I have to sew any strap or spectra/dyneema lines along the
      new edge profile


      > or I only have to sew the internal bridle surplus?


      > 2- Will I need my ARC get unwedged later?

      No, there's no reason to (no benefit).

      > 3- What about sew a zip to wedge/unwedge ARC? I read about

      No need, since there's no advantage to unwedging.

      > 4- What kind of thread will I need? Is polyester fine or will I
      need something stronger like upholstery nylon?

      Don't know that one. Maybe try to duplicate the stock thread. I don't
      think it's that critical, since just tape by itself seems to hold for a

      > 5- Is a zig-zag stitch what I have to do?

      NO. You need to use a straight stitch. 8-10 stitches per inch is

      > 6- Do I have to glue the bent fabric before sewing?

      Not exactly. Use double-sided tape (sticky on both sides - like what's used
      to hold carpet down).

      > 7- Will I need to tape/seal the sewing?

      Only the tape mentioned in #6.

      > 8- What do I have to do with the central air intake?

      Nothing. In fact you have to make sure you DON'T get any stitches in it.

      > 9- Does wedging really worth?

      ALL reports indicate it is.

      > I'm very scared about doing something wrong.

      Relax. Worst case you have to unpick the stitching & remove the tape's glue

      > Sorry for my english and thanx in advice.

      No problem. Your English is perfectly understandable.

      Let us all know YOUR opinion of the new performance.

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