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Re: [ksurf] Kitegear Stocktaking Sale(Comish) COM)

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  • Andy Heaton
    Brian@inSAdeepinthesouthernhemisphere wrote: Andy@maui replied
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2001
      Brian@inSAdeepinthesouthernhemisphere wrote:
      <<Looks like you guys in the US you pay almost as much for used kites as we sell new ones for.>>

      Andy@maui replied

      COOL Brian, tell me more, I must admit, it's tough to compete with the 3rd world ;o).

      Until.... the serious import taxes with overseas orders that people occasionally overlook...
      until the kite arrives in customs...and then sit...and sits in customs sometimes until the money is paid and/or inspection is finished. It happens quite often. Kite boxes really are good lunch tables in the Customs office you know. Lots of kites go through OK too, luck of the draw:)

      Then there are 'customer service' issues from the other side of the globe, as many distributors and some shops, prefer the kite to be sent back to the shop if a claim is made, to be inspected first (it may be an easy fix the kite needs that an experienced kite retailer can fix or simply remedy). This also gets overlooked at times.

      But as I say, I'll "try" and beat ANY genuine quote.....and customs delays....Import and State TAX FREE, Shipping Too at the moment, not to mention the chance TO WIN A KITE or KHaTT Board when ya buy through us. Drawn Oct 31st Maui.

      I haven't heard the potential Overseas shipping challenges mentioned for a while, and should be mentioned.

      Cheap isn't always a financial only equation at the point of sale.

      There's the real potential of your kite heading back across the globe, and through 2 sets of customs to get back to you, worth when the wind is on?

      I say, support your local guys (or at least help the economy of where you live, as best you can) that know their stuff if the price is comparable, unless of course your a student or a good old kite bum looking for sponsorship.

      Sure, I'm biased, I'm trying to make a living, but the info is real enough and the puns....
      are puns.

      Anyways, it's late and the beers are done.

      Kite on
      Andy Heaton


      Em: support@...
      Ph: 1 866 646 7835 TOLL FREE
      Ph: 808 242 2956
      Cl: 808 250 KITE (5483)

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      From: Suntrax
      To: kitesurf@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 4:04 AM
      Subject: Re: [ksurf] Kitegear Stocktaking Sale(Comish)

      Looks like you guys in the US you pay almost as much for used kites as we
      sell new ones for.
      Check our kite prices in www.suntrax.co.za . All prices are complete with
      bar, lines etc.
      The boards look more in line.

      Remember kite delivery is free to most countries!

      Good winds


      Brian Wilson
      Tel/fax 027 21 5560044
      cell; 0824656696

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      From: Andy Heaton <support@...>
      To: <kitesurf@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 1:20 AM
      Subject: Re: [ksurf] Kitegear Stocktaking Sale

      > Aloha to all.
      > We wish to move some old stock including trade ins and demo gear, there's
      some good'uns here!
      > KITES
      > $499 each NEW Mosquito 9.4m KS1 (2 line kites, kite only)
      > $399 As new 5.5m KS2 Mosquitoes 3 Line mode, Kite only
      > $225 As new 4m KS1 Mosquitoes 2 Line mode Kite only
      > $675 As new 16m 2000 Free Air kite only
      > $475 As new Naish AR5 5.5m Kite Only
      > $375 Naish AR 3.5 Good Condition
      > $600 Good Condition 11m 2000 Free Air Kite Only
      > $975 14.9 Wipika Free Air 2001 2 or 4 line kite, As new used once, traded
      in for smaller kite.(normally $1199)
      > $999 15.5 Cabrinha Black Tip Used only 3 times, a trade in for smaller
      kite, perfect condition (normally 1299) POWER
      > $750 8.5m Cabrinha CO2 Demo 2 Line Complete As new.
      > $725 6.5m Cabrinha Co2 Demo, AS new
      > 35% OFF Wipika 2000 Models 5m, 4m ,3m NEW
      > Boards
      > $495 Wipika Wake Apocalypse 151 2001 AS NEW Demo Board (NEW costs $649)
      > $575 Cabrinha Surface to Air 4'10 As new demo board (New Costs $769)
      > $599 Starboard Switch Demo Board (RARE and GREAT fun board. A directional
      that is almost a Twin Tip and can be used as such with ease. as new. (NEW
      > $675 Starboard Directionals, 5'10 and 6'6 NEW
      > $497 Starboard Directionals, 7'10 and 7'4 NEW (all Starboards normally
      > All the kites above are without bar and lines, we some used in stock or
      can help with a good deal on rigs to get you on the water.
      > Have a great long weekend if we don't hear from you before then.
      > All the best and steady wind and waves.
      > Andy Heaton
      > http://www.kitehigh.com

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