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[ksurf] Re: Confusion about relaunchablity

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  • Eric.Steinbroner@ReadRite.com
    wrote: original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/kitesurf/?start=3198 ... I think a lot of kite choice depends on
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      <199907011551.laa2223-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/kitesurf/?start=3198
      > >Did 'Fox' say the Concept Air Traction is "...the only near 100%
      > >relaunchable Kite...". I thought Wipika also claimed this. Or is it
      > I think maybe the topic was foils..I think the Wave is maybe the only _foil_
      > (not single skin kite) that relaunches well from water. I'm pretty sure
      > that's what "fox" meant.
      > Mark Frasier

      I think a lot of kite choice depends on where you sail. Obviously, the Concept Air, F-One, Quadrafoil, etc.. (Ram Air kites), all work well and are good enough if you are sailing a shore break. Yes, you may biff and the kite will take on water... but so what... you aren't in any real danger.

      The question becomes a little tougher if you are in conditions where you may want to sail out 2 or 3 kilometers. I would place my life on a Kiteski, Wipika, or Naish before a ram air kite.

      The other question is how's the launch? If it's rocky and tight you may want to go with a kiteski, or buy a kiteski control bar with another kite.



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