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Nexus impression

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  • Andre Myburgh
    Took some time off from a romantic picnic on the beach yesterday to check out some guy s 7.5(projected/flat?) Nexus. There wasn t enough wind to go out, but he
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2001
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      Took some time off from a romantic picnic on the beach yesterday to check
      out some guy's 7.5(projected/flat?) Nexus.
      There wasn't enough wind to go out, but he was testing it on the beach,
      which gave me a chance to have a closer look.
      Some notes:
      He pumped the TE tube super stiff, and from little knowledge I have of
      inflatables, the tube material didn't seem very durable. He did crash it TE
      first a few times and nothing popped though.
      The rest of the construction(stitching, etc.) seemed good (you'd expect that
      at least from FF).
      The spreader rods (carbon running from TE to LE) seamed VERY thin (like the
      type they use for stand-offs on delta kites (3mm ?) I only saw the tips at
      the TE, so it might be possible that they are tapered. Even if they are, I
      doubt whether they will withstand a wave crashing on it - or even an
      over-eager kite caddie ;-)
      It has a bridle not very different to a normal foil, add this to the weight
      of 2 big tubes (LE and TE) and carbon spreaders, it might be quite heavy.
      The TE has a HUGE (same size as the LE one) inflated tube that sits on the
      TOP of the kite. This cannot be very favourable to aerodynamics of the wing
      (almost like the back flaps on an aircraft wing).
      The bridle (front and back) is joined on each side with a very short piece
      line (around 8 cm) This would give about 16 cm of sheeting. This seems
      small, but might be enough for this type of kite - still it's less than what
      you would have on 4-line handles.
      It's different shades of pink and grey. I like pink (note: the picnic was
      with my wife, no boyfriend) but some might think it stinks. The transparent
      grey stuff looks cool.
      With all above (weight, bridle drag, TE tube) I was surprised to see it fly
      in very little wind (No other inflatables in the air, only one foil on the

      Sorry, I didn't get to fly it myself, and my camera was at home. Maybe next


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