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[ksurf] Re: harnesses

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    In a message dated 99-06-02 14:15:09 EDT, martin@travelfirst.co.uk writes:
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 2, 1999
      In a message dated 99-06-02 14:15:09 EDT, martin@... writes:

      << Are there any types of seat harness which also support your entire back or
      would a chest harness be better? >>

      The DaKine "Surf Seat" supports your entire back, with an adjustable lumbar
      support & a hook height the same as a seat harness. If you like your hook
      anywhere from slightly lower than that, to as low as any harness made, their
      "XTSeat" has an adjustable hook height & is even more comfortable than the
      SurfSeat. They also made a "Cruiser" model (& I think they still do but it's
      renamed something I can't remember) that has seat, waist, & chest straps
      (looks like a chest harness with a seat sewn on, or vice-versa).

      No, I do not work for DaKine, it just so happens they make these three
      harnesses (in fact I recommend the WindSurfing Hawaii if you want a waist



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