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[ksurf] Re: COM Better upwind kites

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  • Debra Smith and Paul Watson
    ... to ... greater ... G day, A good point. This depower feature (which I often call speed-bar after paraglider speed systems) can also be great for coping
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 1999
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      Lachlan Gifford wrote:

      >Cory, Cant quite agree with your comment here about the "extremely narrow
      >range of wind speeds" and not "flexing off"
      >I havnt used your kiteski so they may well be a narrow windrange compared
      >it, but compared to foils, I believe the C Quads have a considerably
      >CQuads can be depowered up to about 50 percent during gusts, by letting off
      >the brakes to the point where the kite is kept on the edge of luffing. For
      >a pilot with reasonable experience this is not a difficult balance to
      >maintain. It is actually a terrific feature of the C quads, this ability
      >to dramatically depower during gusts.


      A good point. This depower feature (which I often call "speed-bar" after
      paraglider speed systems) can also be great for coping with overpowering due
      to "apparent wind build up". This is particularly useful for combating
      lateral slip in buggies where one can't just "dig the rail in" a little
      further. It is an advanced technique which can improve upwind performance
      also. The C-Quad is an amazing kite which rewards experienced flyers who are
      able to fly actively and set-up their kite appropriately. It is not so
      amazing for those who want greater "passive" safety or are not so

      By the sound of it, the twist-off feature of the Kiteski works like the
      twist of a windsurfing sail. In this regard, I imagine that it works
      "automatically" (i.e. without specific control imputs from the flyer). I
      think that this system would be more suitable for more people and may be the
      best option for gust control. The manual "depower" feature of the C-Quad is
      less accessible and is better for less instantaneous depowering requirements
      (i.e. not gusts).

      Smooth winds,



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