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[ksurf] Re: COM C QUAD for Kitesurfing

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  • Lachlan Gifford
    (For my Comm status please see the bottom of this email) I have to reinforce the comments others have made here. The limiting factor with a CQuad is its
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 1997
      (For my Comm status please see the bottom of this email)

      I have to reinforce the comments others have made here. The limiting factor
      with a CQuad is its relaunching capability, ( and the noodles have improved
      this to some extent).

      One has to keep in mind that to fly a Cquad takes a little more, and a
      slightly longer learning curve than flying any 2 line or 4 line foil
      kitesurfing kite.

      But in the hands of someone who has sussed the Cquad out, and this doesnt
      happen in 10 minutes, (most people with reasonable feel can handle a C Quad
      pretty well in the first day though, given reasonable conditions, and the
      manufacturers usage instructions), its performance is outstanding.

      As for performance in the air, in the hands of an experienced CQuad pilot,
      they lack absolutely NOTHING.

      I witnessed 2 days of kitesurfing by Kane Hartill of NewZealand ( currently
      in Europe) when he kitesurfed in the shore break back and forth, in an on
      shore wind. He was able to sail to windward to get out through the surf,
      jumping waves as he went, and fly back in to shore....Most impressive... In
      the whole weekend of probably 8 hours on the water he put the kite in the
      water not once. ( This is the best answer for water relaunching by the
      way, but it obviously does lack a sense of security if you are tempted to
      get daring.)

      My skill level wasnt high enough to get me out through the surf to windward
      at that time.

      So it all comes back as everything does, to skill level...It isnt difficult
      to learn to fly a Cquad basically, ( if you use a smart bar it is extremely
      easy actually and fast to learn)
      but to get really good, like anything else, you cant beat clocking up
      hours....If you clock up lots of hours on a Cquad, the performance potential
      is way up there, as Kane Hartill is now exhibiting.

      My COMM Status
      ( so you know where my comments are coming from )

      I have been a kite retailer here in Australia for last 11 years and done a
      lot of powerkiting, buggying, and now more and more kitesurfing. Have most
      experience with Peter Lynn products, Peels, Ngens and now Cquads, ( which we
      call Batwings here). Have used and sold Wipikas and they are the most user
      friendly kitesurfing kites in my opinion. I have no experience at all with
      Concept Air or F ONE foils, or the Kiteski but would like this situation to
      change, because they sound terrific.

      Although I have the most experience with Peter Lynn products and Wipikas I
      dont consider myself biased towards those products, and am very open towards
      others. I do know that I have yet to use the "perfect" kitesurfing kite.

      >We also tried to fly a 6.3 C Quad in 10mph and it does not fly period!
      >It would jump in the air then plummet like a rock. Any attempt to alter
      >the bridle to make it fly made it fly even less! My opinion is that this
      >kite doesn't work for kitesurfing. Even experienced equipment testers
      >like Ken Winner and Alf Imperato came to the same conclusions on
      >kite that I did.

      Sounds like a classic case of the brakes needed shortening.
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