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Re: fixing reverse relaunch on my wipi 16m

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  • fabio.jorge@lineinvest.com.br
    R ! I will be waiting for your comments on the reverse bridle. kite on Fabio ... luffing, ... picked up ... easier to ... less ... in ... already ... switch to
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 5, 2001
      R !

      I will be waiting for your comments on the reverse bridle.
      kite on

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "R!" <rainer@u...> wrote:
      > --- In kitesurf@y..., fishersfort@a... wrote:
      > > --- In kitesurf@y..., fabio.jorge@l... wrote:
      > > > Can this reverse-lauch bridle improve the control (turns,
      > > > gusts) of my AR5 9.5 ?
      > > > The reverse lauch i not a big deal for me in the 9.5 , I would
      > > might
      > > > setup this on mine if improves the control.
      > > > tks for all
      > > > Kite on
      > > > FJ
      > >
      > > It will not improve anything on the 9.5.
      > You sure Dwight? Did you try it out on a 9.5?
      > I put the Wipi style bridle on my 11.5 today (without the reverse
      > launch lines). I only got to sail it briefly because the wind
      picked up
      > and it was poorly tuned so I could not depower enough when the wind
      > picked up suddenly. I had the impression that the kite became
      easier to
      > turn, smoother. I sail in the smart loop alot (bungy + smart loop
      > otherwise) and with this bridle the steering lines are loaded much
      > so it takes almost no effort to handhold the bar, even when sheeted
      > all the way. I will need to tune the setup for proper range and try
      > again to confirm these first impressions.
      > If it all pans out I might even add the reverse launch lines. I
      > put the attachment points on the kite but I believe I need to
      switch to
      > a front line leash to depower the kite effectively...
      > R!
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