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Re: ARX first impressions

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  • bitme1234@yahoo.com
    My 11.5 arx is three feet longer than my 11.5 ar5! Todd ... night. ... little ... bladders are ... would ... it. He says ... is more ... getting ... diameter
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 2, 2001
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      My 11.5 arx is three feet longer than my 11.5 ar5!


      --- In kitesurf@y..., David Trewern <david@d...> wrote:
      > I picked up my new ARX 9.5 yesterday, and used it tonight and last
      > The materials seem pretty similar to the late model AR5's, maybe a
      > tougher. When you pump it up, it seems very similar to AR5, the
      bladders are
      > the same size etc.
      > I have noticed the Cabrinha strut bladders are huge - I think this
      > make the kite more stable.
      > Incedentally, A friend of mine has a two line Cabrinha and loves
      it. He says
      > it leaves his old 8.5 Wipika free air for dead. It's higher AR, and
      is more
      > responsive, more stable and generates more lift. He reckons he was
      > easily another 5 feet on his first session.
      > Anyway, back to the ARX... The bar is pretty cool - smaller
      diameter than
      > the longhorn (which I like). It has the dodgey old Naish safety
      system, but
      > I changed it to a re-ride style in 5 minutes. Just add an O ring
      above the
      > rubber ends, and pass the leader through with a ball stopper in the
      > The rubber ends of the bar are pretty dodgey, but seem to work
      fine. I think
      > I will actually use this bar instead of my longhorn - which is
      > something. The longhorn is much more solid with it;s horns, but I
      am sick of
      > wearing through leaders.
      > The bar could have been much better - but it is 200% better than
      the last
      > Naish bar. It's lighter than the Cabrinha bar, and has the trusty
      > loop and strap included.
      > I really didn't expect the kite to fly much differently to the AR5 -
      but it
      > does. It is definitely much more balanced and refined. It seems
      much more
      > stable, and doesn't do the Jellyfish manouvre at all. In big gusts,
      > speeds up and slows down, but the whole kite holds its shape and
      > smoothly. It seems to sit differently in the air too.
      > I also think it has more top end because of the way it slices
      through the
      > air in a balanced way -without the wobble. Then again, the lack of
      > might also have been a result of the fact that the kite is brand
      new and the
      > bladders etc are very stiff.
      > At the end of the day, I kitesurfed better than I have for a while,
      > managed heaps of succesfull 1080's which I haven't really done
      before. It
      > might have been sue to the kite being more stable and predictable -
      or maybe
      > it was simply phsycological!
      > It's probably only a minor difference to the Ar5, but it is a
      > improvement none the less. The bar sizes are perfect, and the
      harness line
      > lengths are what I would want too.
      > Doesn't really seem to turn any faster (but maybe more precisely) if
      > anything I think slower - but it could have been the feel of the
      bar. The
      > kite feels great through - no complaints.
      > They really should ship it with a better leash system though...
      > DT
    • fishersfort@attglobal.net
      ... Does the aspect ratio look higher in the air, or does it simply look bigger? Dwight
      Message 2 of 4 , Mar 2, 2001
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        --- In kitesurf@y..., bitme1234@y... wrote:
        > My 11.5 arx is three feet longer than my 11.5 ar5!
        > Todd

        Does the aspect ratio look higher in the air, or does it simply look

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