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RE: [ksurf] Re: Have you ever been to Ho'okipa?????!!!!!!!!

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  • Mike Richards
    Robert, On Maui windsurfing/sailing spots: Localism is an important part of the culture, it sucks but it is true. The water is intimidating at some surf spots,
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 1, 2001

      On Maui windsurfing/sailing spots: Localism is an important part of the
      culture, it sucks but it is true.

      The water is intimidating at some surf spots, but even more intimidating is
      some of the local attitude, especially if you are not ripping. This seems
      asinine, but the fact is that the surf spots are small, and the pecking
      order does help reduce the crowds to a reasonable level and give people
      something to attain over time. The resources there are a limited commodity,
      and in a way, they are "earned" over time as skill and friendships grow. It
      seems insane, but in a way, it is a sensible way of allocating the limited
      resources in a way that makes it so whomever works hard enough, has the
      skill and is strong enough gets to use the resources.

      There is some insanity to this way of doing things, Flash getting hit is a
      good example. I had a very bad experience when I decided to tell Laird
      Hamilton to SLOW DOWN in the SecondWind/NeilPride parking lot. After a
      while you get tired of parties that are shut down by fighting Samoans, and
      even though I windsurfed at Hookipa regularly, I never had enough courage to
      walk to the north end of the park, or surf uppers.

      In some way, this was sensible though. I always wanted to surf at Hookipa,
      and when I surfed other places, a lot of my drive was to get good enough so
      that I felt comfortable paddling out at uppers, but at the same time my fear
      of locals kept this kook from paddling out at that break and taking up space
      where better surfers wanted to surf.
      Kitesurfing, like windsurfing causes a real upset in this natural pecking
      order. Windsurfers, with no experience in the waves can easily make it out
      and get on to mast high waves. This is something that would be impossible
      for a beginning surfer. My roommate in Hawaii could barely jibe, but he
      regularly windsurfed in mast high surf, and got in EVERYONE'S way! Once you
      give a windsurfer the power of the wind, that natural barrier of paddling
      out into big surf is gone, and any fool can get out through the lineup and
      cause trouble.

      Kitesurfing is the same. Someone with very little time in the water, and no
      experience in the waves (say a guy from somewhere like Michigan) could
      launch a kite at Hookipa. Use the kite to pull himself out through the nasty
      shore break (that stops a lot of windsurfers) and instantly be a HUGE hazard
      in the middle of Hookipa. So all of a sudden, a guy on a kiteboard appears
      in a place that would have been inaccessible to him on a windsurfer or

      Where the natural conditions limited the windsurfers and surfers getting
      out, the kite makes it much easier to get out into the water, so that anyone
      with some kiting experience can end up in the surf at Hookipa! Obviously,
      some sort of limiting mechanism needs to be put in place to keep this from

      Over time the Kitesurfing growing pains will subside, and Kitesurfing will
      find it's place in the natural order of things in Hawaii. In the meantime I
      imagine that there will be somewhat of a ruckus, but I think it is best
      handled by those living on Maui, in the special world that Maui is.

      Those of us from the madlands should just respectfully keep our mouths
      shut(after a 1 page diatribe) and let them work it out. The alternative (as
      Laird taught me) is far worse.

      Happy New Year!

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      I do get it, no I haven't been to Ho'okipa. But I've surfed and windsurfed
      all over the mainland. The local surfers in Oxnard have some pretty ugly
      localism. I show respect to locals who deserve it, I avoid crowded beaches
      and wouldn't sail, kite or surf at Ho'pokipa I would find a less crowded
      beach (even if it the conditions were lesser quality).
      The objections I raise are ;
      #1 the windsurfer attacked Flash, I don't care what the offense was, this is
      no less than vigalanty justice. Who appointed this person judge, jury and
      executioner? Everyone should condemn this action. I wonder what the FBI
      would have said about the incident had they been at the beach.
      #2 Who decideds who gets to sail/surf/kite at a certain beach? How did this
      evolve? How is that information disceminated? To say "I get to surf here
      and you don't because I live around here " is absurd.
      It sounds like the rules in Hawaii have some common sense, ie.. small place
      poor access but also have some localism (White Americans?).
      Sorry for the rant but its -5' and a foot of snow's on the ground. I only
      wish I were in Hawaii or Antigua.
      Happy new year,

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