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Re: Am I a Kitesurfer or Kiteboarder? Please Help..

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  • Paul Underhill
    LOL!! This is the funniest post I have read in a long time. What follows is my opinion, for what it is worth. If you are going to waste your time and read
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 2, 2000
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      This is the funniest post I have read in a long time.

      What follows is my opinion, for what it is worth. If you are going to
      waste your time and read it(man, you must be bored), please don't take
      it seriously.

      I started out calling this kiteboarding, but now, I call it
      kitesurfing. Why? Because it sounds cooler to me! You see, surfing is
      another sport I like, even if I can't do that to well either.
      "Surfing" brings to my mind those who use just the power of mother
      nature in the form of waves. Hence, "kitesurfing" seems appropriate on
      this level because those doing it are using only the power of mother

      Also, (and no offence to those wakeboarders out there), those around
      here that come from a surfing background seem to have more respect for
      the power of the wind and ocean than those that come only from
      wakeboarding. Some of the local wakeboaders seem to approach this new
      sport with an attitude of "conquering" the wind etc., which I don't
      really relate to.

      I don't care which is more accurate, or whatever anyone else wants to
      call it, it is kitesurfing to me!

      And thus endeth the most useless post I have ever written...

      --- In kitesurf@egroups.com, BIGEUGENE@A... wrote:
      > I just bought my first kite and board last week. Got out on the
      > water Saturday. F-One ATW 7.0 and 215 board. All I have to say is
      > that all the patience training on land and body dragging paid off!
      > Truly amazing. No, I didn't jibe, but I did go a fair ways without
      > falling and was able to get up when I did fall. I even relaunched
      > from the water, though I think this was more by luck than skill.
      > However, I am a neurotic person to begin with and this is bothering
      > me: Am I a kitesurfer or a kiteboarder?
      > I told my mom I went Kitesurfing. I told my sister I went
      > Kiteboarding. I feel that I am lying to one of them. Or maybe I am
      > telling two versions of the truth.
      > I know that I kitesurfed because my board is a modified SURFboard.
      > I feel that I kiteboarded because my board is a modified surfBOARD.
      > And magazines and websites, KiteSurf, KiteBoard. The list goes on.
      > You guys on wakeboards are lucky, you know what you are. Those of
      > on directionals are caught indefinitely in KITE PURGATORY, boarder
      > surfer? Do I get to choose what I am? Should I say, "Dammit, I am
      > kiteboarder," or "Dammit, I am a kitesurfer"? Should I allow the
      > adoring public to choose? "I am either a kitesurfer or kiteboarder,
      > whichever you prefer kind sir/madam, I myself am not truly certain,
      > please brand me."
      > Are we entering the realm of skiers vs. snowboarders in this sport?
      > Directionals vs. Wakeboards? Am I supposed to hate wakeboarders?
      > then what if I become a boarder? Am I just another convert? Am I a
      > kitesurfer on a directional and a kiteboarder on a wakeboard. And
      > what happens when someone designs skis for kites? Where will we be
      > then? Can't we all just pick one? I can't sleep. I don't eat my
      > Wheaties. My dog is even sick over this.
      > Can I be all things to everyone? Can I just call myself "KiteGuy"?
      > Someone Please Help.
      > Windless in Florida,
      > Brett
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