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#2 [ksurf] Re: slider vs arc who copied who?

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  • KiteBoard@aol.com
    sammy@mailops.com writes: Technically that is true,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8 8:47 PM
      sammy@... writes:

      << I thought the Slider could be flown with a
      spanwise bladder, a spanwise spar, or no framing at all. >>

      Technically that is true, but read on:

      << Where did you find this out Mel? >>

      I actually spoke with Raphael (Baruch?) at F-One. He said the
      (mis)information published in Kiteboard Mag. was due to their observation of
      prototypes. It's easier to manufacture prototypes (for flight testing) with
      solid spar(s), instead of custom building proper inflatable bladder(s).
      Apparently it will fly in either configuration, but if I recall correctly,
      the best overall performance is attained with the inflated bladders.

      << And for that matter, where are you
      getting one from already? (You mentioned you have one on order in
      another post.) >>

      Just because I have one on order doesn't mean I'll be getting it any time
      soon! I've had a production (3rd gen.) ARC on order for quite a while too!
      I will be giving my test results to the group as soon as I get to use either
      of them & compare to my AR5 with very similar projected area.

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