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[ksurf] Re: Neil Pryde

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    In response to dkprimoz@s5.net writing:
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 25, 1999
      In response to dkprimoz@... writing: << If any body have idea where on the
      web I was see information about the Neil Pryde company work on the kite stuff?
      >>, raul@... writes: << There is none >>

      There is no work being done by Pryde on kites?, or there is work being done,
      but no information about it on the web?

      Hawaiian ProLine (Wipika's US distributor) says Barry Spanier (who just
      switched to Gaastra, after over a decade with Pryde) is making kites, but his
      rep hasn't called yet (HPL told him we're interested).

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