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Re: [ksurf] AW: boardsize

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  • O1withwind@aol.com
    In a message dated 9/4/98 9:36:00 AM EST, srosso@bunge.com.br writes:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 1998
      In a message dated 9/4/98 9:36:00 AM EST, srosso@... writes:

      Hi everybody,
      has someone seen the new waterkites from Peter Lynn?
      A dealer from Augsburg/Germany told me it looks like a nasa-wing,
      and the 4 m² version has the same power as a 5 m² peel.
      The price is around DEM 300,-/$ 170,- .
      Nothing more is known.
      best regards from Kiel
      WOW ! Good price and lots of power... but a Nasa wing is very inneficient
      to go upwind, isnt it ??

      Why are they special for water traction ? are they relaunchable ? I looked
      on the web and i couldnt find anything !
      The Peter Lyn Sea Quad is not yet setup for water relaunch. from the posts in
      rec.kites its a little hard to launch unassisted on land. this kite has a
      single rod that goes the entire leading edge in a arc, with battons running
      down its lenth. it looks more like a Wipica laid out on the ground with rods
      replacing the tubes.
      attached is a picture found in the rec.kites picture gateway. I'm told this
      kites has better control and power than a peel or a foil. Fliers with the
      test prototypes have been smoking buggiers with foils in europe and new
      Josh Young
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