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SV: [ksurf] MelMod Help!

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  • Claes Meijer
    Please tel me what is MelMod ? Claes Meijer/ Sweden ... Från: kennyfarnsworth@cs.com [mailto:kennyfarnsworth@cs.com] Skickat: den 2 augusti 2000 14:27 Till:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2000
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      Please tel me what is "MelMod"?
      Claes Meijer/ Sweden

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      Från: kennyfarnsworth@... [mailto:kennyfarnsworth@...]
      Skickat: den 2 augusti 2000 14:27
      Till: kitesurf@egroups.com
      Ämne: Re: [ksurf] MelMod Help!


      Yes, I was referring to the leading edge when I said "belly." The superman
      glide alone works fine for smaller kites or even with big kites if there is
      lot of wind. With my 15.5 I usually have to swim backwards, lunge the bar
      backwards over my head and then swim as fast as possible towards the kite
      with my arms outstreched. When I tried this yesterday with the MelMod I
      could not get the kite to fall backwards off the leading edge. I believe
      when you say that you have to detension the lines plenty when you are
      in 6 knots on your 7.5 (that is cool that you can use a 7.5 in such light
      conditions). However, the 15.5 is a much bigger kite (29 feet long). I
      have to do some more experimenting with the 15.5. I am sure that the MelMod

      will be awesome for my smaller kites. What I really liked about the MelMod
      was the instantaneous sheeting. I have never felt so in control of the

      << << I could not detension the lines enough to get
      the kite off of its belly. Do you have any suggestions? Have you tried
      MelMod with a kite this large? I can see how it would work perfectly with
      your 7.5 since you do not have to detension the lines nearly as much on a
      smaller kite to relaunch the kite. >>

      Do you mean "off its leading edge"? Just like any other system, first try
      the "Superman" glide. Then try pulling in on the center leader &
      then try even pulling in some of the flying lines (easy if the wind is
      enough to require that). I have only used it with the only kite I need for

      the 10-25 knots we get around here (7.5). I've had to detension the lines
      PLENTY to get it to roll back in 6 knots.

      Mel >>

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