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  • kitesrfer@aol.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1 5:28 AM
      <<<If you're going to bother wearing a helmet then you really want to have
      ears covered. Ear first, head plants are extremely painful and can lead to
      perforated ear-drums.

      I used Pro-Tech helmets in the past and the Gath helmets are way better.
      Much lighter and more confortable.



      I like many of the design aspects of the Gath helmets including comfort but
      am totally lost on one thing. Why do they have no forehead cover, except for
      a thin piece of neoprene? I have also noticed that the interior foam padding
      in the Pro-Tech helmets is more substantial. I agree with you that ear
      protection would be a strong plus. If I had to chose between healing a
      perforated ear drum and a frontal concussion...

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