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Re: [ksurf] fanatic 6.0 or 6.6

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    Re: [ksurf] fanatic 6.0 or 6.6 typetwee@hotmail.com writes:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2000
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      Re: [ksurf] fanatic 6.0 or 6.6
      typetwee@... writes:

      << Has anyone experience with the fanatic 6.0 or 6.6
      I wana buy one of these boards.
      I surf in winds from 3 to 6 beaufort.
      Are the easy going upwind and are they planing quick. >>

      I'm about 63kg, & fly a 7.5 Naish (with instantaneous sheeting) from about 10
      knots (when I'm not too "spoiled") to about 25. I can really only compare
      the 6' Fanatic to the 7' Naish I used to ride.

      The short version is that while I had the Fanatic in the repair shop
      ("glassing" over the thruster boxes), I couldn't even get motivated to go out
      on the 7' Naish!!

      The long version is that the Fanatic planes upwind in nearly equally light
      winds as the minimum for the Naish. It's much more directionally responsive
      (steers when you bank in) compared to the Naish, which by comparison feels
      like it just doesn't want to turn (except off the wind when you don't want it
      to). The "sweet spot" for jibing is practically anywhere you want to put
      your foot (as opposed to EXACTLY at the front of the rear Naish strap). It
      also RIPS upwind, by comparison, & is MUCH better at regaining control over
      the kite by digging the rail to point & slow down.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, or if you'd like to tell me your
      weight & windspeed in knots, so I can recommend the 6' or 6'6 for you (a
      heavier friend of mine really likes his 7' in the ligher winds he rides with
      his fixed AoA 11.5)

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