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RE: [ksurf] New Trim Loop Design

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    IanYoung@iinet.net.au (Ian Young) writes:
    Message 1 of 28 , Jul 31, 2000
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      IanYoung@... (Ian Young) writes:

      << I've not had any problems with line jamming in the V cleat on my Arc yet.
      .... these kites use
      trailing edge line steering ie that these two lines are to the outside of
      your bar and people thought that it was too hard to feed these lines in &
      out easily >>

      Does your Arc bar* adjust the trailing edge lines? That could explain the
      lack of cleat jamming (less force on line), although if it flies similar to
      an AR5, you may find in really light wind you want to have nearly all the
      force on the trailing edge lines anyway (for max. AoA & power).
      * I couldn't open the files you sent (is there a website?)

      << in fact in gusty/ overpowered situations I
      find that if you're not hooked in then there is an increased risk of getting
      yanked over the front - more importantly if you are hooked in you can
      transfer the excess energy through your harness (not your arms) into the
      board to edge it harder upwind. >>

      Exactly. You're unhooked (for whatever reason - jumping, jibing, etc.), then
      you get overpowered. Now you can't get hooked in (to attempt to take one
      hand off) to depower, because you're fighting getting yanked over the front,
      & because all the excess energy is on your arms!! Like I mentioned though,
      it should still work about as well as any of the sled systems that have no
      "trim" harness loop, which is MUCH better than having no AoA adjustment (like
      most foils now).

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