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RE: Four line Wipika performance

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  • DUMAY Pierre AndrĂ©
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31 8:06 AM
      <<<<<<<Could anyone around 170# comment on their estimated wind range for
      3.5 and 5 m Classic Wipikas rigged for four lines? Perhaps someone in a
      high wind paradise like Maui, Leucate or Perth can comment this. I am
      thinking about converting some of my old kites for the higher winds coming
      in the fall and winter (I hope!).

      Hi Rick,

      I kitesurf in the south of France (Montpellier, 100 miles north of Leucate)
      where we often get some strong and very gusty winds. The kite I use the most
      here is my 5 m2 wipika classic in 4 line mode with a homemade bar (Todd's
      mode + re ride leash : thanx guys !). I am 160 # and I ride my new homemade
      twintip (pics are in the vault). This setup works perfectly for me between
      17-18 to 27-28 knots. After 28 knots, it starts to be hard to stay in
      control but it is doable. With more practice, I should be able to feel
      better in 30 knots of wind.
      I recommend you definitely put your 5 m2 in 4 line mode, it is safer and it
      made me feel more confident launching my kite in 25+ knots. Not to mention
      you don't get dragged downwind when you are on the beach or in the water.
      Great thing is you can see the gusts on the water and anticipate the
      increase of power. Only problem is the lines get tangled more easily when
      packing the kite and it takes a little longer to set up the kite but it is
      worth it (it saves time if you keep the bar + lines attached to the kite all
      the time).

      Don't know about the 3,5 m2 ! (where I kitesurf, there is often students
      from a nearby kitesurf school, when I use my 5 m2, they are struggling with
      2 line 3,5 m2)

      One last thing : I am getting myself a kite for those 30+ knots days we
      regularly get here ! (Wipi 5 m2 just doesn't do it for me past 30 knots)

      Good luck

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