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[ksurf] Updates from Baja Kiteski week

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    Im not down there right now, but Im getting updates - I found them interesting , thought I would pass them along to the group. (this is in Los Barillos Baja
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 1999
      Im not down there right now, but Im getting updates - I found them
      interesting , thought I would pass them along to the group. (this is in Los
      Barillos Baja California at Mr. Bills Baja Adventure , typically a
      windsurfers destination - but this week it is transformed into a halfway
      house of kiteski maniacs)

      Second Annual International Baja Kiteski Clinic 28 Feb - 5 March 1999
      Host: Mr. Bill; Casa Miramar, Buena Vista/Los Barrilles, Baja Ca. Sur
      Sponsored by Sky Sail Progress, Open Ocean and Cory and Terese Roeseler

      Saturday 27 Feb
      Day 0

      Cory broke the tropical ice with a short sea trial of the latest Open Ocean
      Kiteboard design. The thin profile and low buoyancy made the water start a
      snap. It carved upwind well with very little spray on the lower leg. It's
      inch beam made the most of the 10 knot breeze and the 7 square meter kite,
      however, in higher gusts, he felt, the narrower boards are still faster.
      new board rides very well in chop, and releases well from a ramp when
      It gives a light feel when airborne. Turns are wide, but effortless. The
      high wrap binding from International Trading Connection gave snug angle
      support, but the arch support didn't agree with his foot.

      Mathieu Mercadal, a French scientist currently residing in Hood River,
      was the first victim. He made two down-winders with intensive supervision
      help with restarts. His brain was remembering the proper technique well,
      his winter muscles needed some persuasion.

      Hung Vu, a Telecommunications Consultant from Ottawa, Canada, acclimatized
      the warm water with a very impressive body drag coupled with his first
      style waterstart.

      Terese took a very slow ride with an underpowered 16 foot kite and an early
      model Open Ocean, then traded up to the 20 foot kite for more power. She
      Cory had a magical run in paradise, enjoying the 80 degree water and 10 knot
      thermal. Then, as she approached the beach, she underestimated the kite
      and rock danger. She was thrown onto her right side suffering bruises from
      thigh to head and a possible fracture of her fourth carpal bone.

      Day 1
      Mathieu and Hung started things off with a strong skill building session on
      land. Then Mathieu made a quick run much improved over the previous day.
      This time his kite control and water-starts were solid but not yet "smooth."
      His high speed sprints made hooking in difficult. Hung ventured out with
      Kiteski funboard. He made the beach start unassisted, but quickly developed
      cramps in both hamstrings.

      Dirk, a vegetable drying specialist from San Jose Del Cabo, dropped in for a
      quick lesson, and instantly mastered the trainer kite. After an hour of
      training, he found nearly instant success on the combo skis. Several
      over 100 yards and a near-jybe made his day complete at Mr. Bills.

      Andreas Pohl arrived from the North Sea region of Germany, and quickly took
      the biggest kite on the beach for a body drag. His first ride on the skis
      a perfect demonstration of knee-bend (they were bent so much his bottom
      dragged in the water). Then, after an ejection from both skis, he made
      another long body drag to the beach. Cory retrieved the skis then pulled
      handle off the starter on the safety boat. Fortunately, it took less than a
      minute to paddle in to shore.

      Hung's second try with the fun board was more successful. Mathieu helped
      launch from the end of the jetty, and Hung was immediately planing. As the
      wind dipped below 10 knots he had to pump the 16 foot kite for power. This
      sent him over the front several times, but this time he was able to recover.
      Softer knees and more wind will improve his chances for success on day 2.

      Cory launched the 22 foot kite in a dwindling 8 knots and enjoyed a short
      prior to losing his harness line.


      I will post more updates as I get them.
      The InfoTEAM Inc
      Ryan Bailey

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