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Re: [ksurf] Re: How the &%#!*^ do you re-sleeve lines??

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  • Steve McCormack
    Those instructions are going to cause you grief. Use the wire as described to get the line through the sleeving. But if you do not use 2 knots the line will
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2000
      Those instructions are going to cause you grief. Use the wire as described
      to get the line through the sleeving. But if you do not use 2 knots the line
      will pull through the sleeving, spectra is ultra slippery under load. Here's
      my attempt at describing a simple method, :-)

      Tie an overhand stopper knot in the end of the spectra line, pull that knot
      back to the end of the sleeving and tie another overhand stopper knot in the
      very end of the sleeving.
      Hold that knot in one hand and pull the sleeving tight by pinching it with
      your thumb and index finger of your other hand, pulling the stopper knot end
      away from your pinched fingers until you get to the other end of the
      sleeving, tie a figure 8 knot in this end.
      Fold the sleeved section of line in half and then tie another single figure
      8 knot.
      To get your lines exactly even sleeve and loop two ends, attach them to a
      fence post/tow bar/heavy ground stake, go to the other ends of the lines and
      wrap them around a short piece of broomstick, have the lines separated on
      the piece of broomstick by about 3cm, then pull on both lines firmly and
      raise the piece of broomstick so that you can look down the lines toward
      where you have the other ends attached, slowly release the pressure, if one
      line droops before the other, pull a bit of that line over the piece of
      broomstick, keep pulling and releasing on both lines until they both droop
      together, mark both lines where they pass over the broomstick with an ink
      pen when they are even. Tie the first stopper knot described above directly
      in front of the mark, do not trim off any excess until you have finished and
      are happy both lines are even length.
      If your pieces of sleeving are the same length and you use the same knots
      then the loops you make as described above will give you two lines exactly
      the same length.
      I do not use this method much, but it was the easiest to describe and does
      not require any special tools, get back to me if you do not understand
      anything, or seek out an experienced kiteflyer to get help from, cya and

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      > Here are the instructions that came with my sleeving kit.
      > http://www.egroups.com/files/kitesurf/sleeving.jpg
      > mike
      > >
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      > > --- In kitesurf@egroups.com, freggi@m... wrote:
      > > > I re-sleeved worn lines by cutting a piece of 3mm Dacron rope,
      > > tying
      > > > the fluff inside to the kite line and pulling it through. That
      > was
      > > > difficult as hell per se. But then making sure all lines were
      > the
      > > > same length was even worse. Over 27 meters the lines have a bit
      > of
      > > > stretch (Laser Gold Pro) so I could never tell if I was a quarter
      > > > inch off or not; and the sleeve is slipping around anyway so I
      > > can't
      > > > really say where the knot should go.
      > > > Please tell me what's the rick to do this right the first time!
      > > > Thanks
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