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Re: [ksurf] Are longhorn bars that good? (How to make a leash unobtrusive)

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    boomjib@earthlink.net (Todd Snyder) wrote: Just put the male side of a Fastex buckle (I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2000
      boomjib@... (Todd Snyder) wrote:

      << Okay so if i extend one of my leaders half a kite span then what? >>

      Just put the male side of a Fastex buckle (I used one off an old harness
      waist strap) on the top of your Reactor (just sew a loop of webbing around
      the center of a 3-bar buckle & feed it up throug the slot), sew a loop
      through the female side, & tie a line from there to the top end of that
      leader (make sure it's long enough to allow extending your arms - you may
      want to add a bit of bungie to keep it tight, or just cut it off the stock
      Naish system).

      When you're setting up, just feed the line through your harness loop before
      clipping it on. When packing up, just unclip & stick it under the harness
      velcro, before winding the lines (that way it just gets wound parallel, & is
      right there for setup). If you want to get really fancy, instal another male
      Fastex on the bottom of the leader for storage.

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