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  • Eric Savener
    Dave, I have thought about doing just that - extending the lines. Did you replace all 4 lines (2 main & 2 brake), or did you extend the existing lines? Like
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 30, 2000
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      I have thought about doing just that - extending the lines. Did you
      replace all 4 lines (2 main & 2 brake), or did you extend the
      lines? Like you mentioned, I think it will help me keep the kite in
      the power zone longer to help me get up easier and more often.


      --- In kitesurf@egroups.com, "David Purdy" <tpurdy1@g...> wrote:
      > --- In kitesurf@egroups.com, "Guillaume LEMAIRE"
      > <guillaume.lemaire1@f...> wrote:
      > > Hello
      > > I have just arrived on this mailing list and I had like to know
      > what do you
      > > think about the Waterfoil.
      > > In fact, I will buy one but I don't know which configuration is
      > lines 3
      > > lines ...) is the better ?
      > > Guillaume
      > I have the 5.7 waterfoil and here is my input. Don't fly it with
      > less than 3 lines unless you can guarantee that someone will always
      > be there when you return to shore.
      > The kite fills up quite nicely with air and does not deflate, thus
      > landing with 2 lines unless you can get it hung up or caught by
      > someone is very risky.
      > In my experience, if there is sufficient wind, the kite is 100%
      > relaunchable. I prefer to let it roll on its side and scoot over
      > the side of the window before taking off.
      > In my mind, four lines is the best as you can launch the kite
      > deflated and control the kite. I don't believe you could do this
      > with three lines. Also, four lines makes the kite turn a whole lot
      > easier. I fly with a home made Advance IO bar and have considered
      > the PL back harness but never got around to using it. I did like
      > flying with handles since I felt I could feel the kite better but I
      > think it becomes what you are used to.
      > The kite came with 25meter lines but I have gone to 40 meter lines.

      > this has helped me quite a bit as it gives me some more time to
      > up out of the water and get going. This is because I tend to fly a
      > little under powered as I am a relative beginner.
      > The kite is difficult to deflate but I have found that it has
      > loosened up some with use and some air will get out if you just put
      > your board and wet suit on top for awhile. I also carry a 3' piece
      > of 2" abs plastic pipe which I put into valve to help it deflate.
      > think that some velcro opennings in the trailing edge of the cells
      > with vales would be very helpful in deflating or getting out some
      > the sand which creeps in occasionally. PL says to vaccum out but
      > that seems like a big hassle.
      > There are some small valves near the wing tip and if water does get
      > into the kite they will open. You can also pinch them and open
      > up as this is where air will spill out of if you are in a hurry.
      > One more thought, there is a lot of bridle line. You need to be
      > patient at times and pick out all the kinks.
      > All in all not the perfect kite (but what is?) but good to learn on
      > and the price is very reasonable.
      > Good luck,
      > David Purdy
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