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Re: [ksurf] learning with non-used kites

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    In a message dated 00-06-03 11:27:38 EDT, kennyfarnsworth@cs.com writes:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 3, 2000
      In a message dated 00-06-03 11:27:38 EDT, kennyfarnsworth@... writes:

      << I doubt that you will damage the kite, you are more likely to hurt
      A Naish AR 5 4 line kite is not the easiest kite to use for learning. You
      will have a much more difficult time doing water relaunches. I would
      recommend purchasing a Naish AR 3.5 first, unless you have a friend that
      loan you theirs for learning. I know that the AR 3.5 has a much more
      range, but they much easier to relaunch on the water and 2 lines are easier
      to handle. >>

      Quite true about hurting yourself. Be VERY careful, especially the first
      time go in wind so light the kite won't even fly without "working" it back &
      forth, & you NEED to have somebody toss it into the air (not enough wind to
      launch on its own). We've just come to the conclusion here on this group,
      that it IS possible to learn with an AR5 WITH THE PROPER INSTRUCTION &
      CONDITIONS. Keep in mind that an AR3.5 does NOT have "limited range" once
      you convert it to 4-line.

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