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Re: [ksurf] Tunning the fin's and AR-5, HOW.

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    In a message dated 00-06-02 16:37:16 EDT, esku@eilatcity.co.il writeS:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2000
      In a message dated 00-06-02 16:37:16 EDT, esku@... writeS:

      << Is ther anyone hwo try to tune the AR-5 with the smal line's that
      conect to the kite how it's going and is it good. >>

      I just use those to TRY to equal out the line lengths of Naish's replacement
      linesets (stock lines are VERY well equalized, replacements are NOT).

      I like about 12-14" of on-the-fly adjustment range on the "trim" line to get
      me going in under 10 knots, & still have fun in over 15. Compared to this,
      the 2" of on-land adjustment at the kite is negligible (but sometimes comes
      in handy to fine tune).

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