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Re: [ksurf] Davinci Kites

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  • Todd Snyder
    Sounds kool but one question when jumping with my ar5 I unhook completly while in the air pacticing staying hooked in but feel more comfortable unkook for now,
    Message 1 of 18 , Apr 13, 2000
      Sounds kool but one question when jumping with my ar5 I unhook completly
      while in the air pacticing staying hooked in but feel more comfortable
      unkook for now, with the davinci it sounds like your connected untill
      your ready to come in.What happens when you jump ? My arms tend to go
      above my head wouldn't this depower the kite ? Would it have effect on
      the jump by depowering in mid flight?

      When you say Malibu you talking S.Cal.
      Are they still there? Would love to come up and have a go or at least see
      the kite in action!!!


      Traig Trumbo wrote:

      > Daniel of Davinci Kites showed up for a windy weekend at our Malibu
      > kitesailing beach to teach a friend to kitesurf. He was very
      > receptive to my questions and even let me play with the 6 meter kite
      > quite a bit. Unfortunaley stiches from a kite injury kept me from
      > water testing it. So..On the beach ...The kites power control with
      > just pulling the bar toward you or away is analagous to a rheostat on
      > an electrical device. Imagine totaly depowering on a wave to make a
      > square bottom turn then just pulling on the bar to blast through the
      > lip, and on down the line. You could go from absolutely no power
      > with
      > the bar extended in the power zone, then pull in and BAM..HOLLY POWER
      > JUMP BATMAN!!! An absoule full range of power not a binary on, off
      > switch. The AR5 owners who flew it on the beach were very impressed.
      > The power is probably just a bit more than a similary sized AR5 as
      > the kite has much more exposed surface area with its foil like shape.
      > In a year a dual surface model will boost performance even higher.
      > Kind of looks like a certain PL kite with inflatable rather than
      > carbon support structures. The kite looks very functional and built
      > to last. This could be the ultimate learning kite. The kite is
      > always atached to the pilot by a line to a buckle on the harness.
      > When the bar is released all power is lost and the kite colapses
      > harmlessly on beach, not endangering anyone downwind. The power
      > control allowed Daiel's friend to gain tremendous kite control and
      > beach jumping ability in just four hours of flying at which point he
      > went into the water and actualy was able to waterstart the kite after
      > a bit on his first attempt. Daniel says the 4,5 and 6 meter kites
      > are
      > presently avaiable and the 8 meter version is promised by his French
      > manufacturers in a few weeks. A 9 meter is also planed. Many kite
      > builders are probably hustling to build there own version of this
      > kite
      > and the future for the kite consumer is going to be great if they
      > compare to the Davincis performance. The bummer is Daniel was totaly
      > cool with me trying it on the water if I wasn't gimped out.. MORAL
      > Don't jump and land on top of your kite board fins..That's what the
      > other side of the board with the straps is for...DOOOOO!
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