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Re: [ksurf] mosquito bridle lengths

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  • Dave Raue
    ... bridles ... obviously ... answer. ... waterfoil 3.6 ... No ... (but has ... don t ... easily do on ... the ... it hurts ... September ... 2nd ... and post
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 13, 2000
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      --- In kitesurf@egroups.com, "Ronald Kittag" <h9050408@f...> wrote:
      > > I got official info direct from Mosquito pro.
      > Funny that a company that has little reported problems with their
      > gives away the info customers need, while other companies, that
      > have material or quality problems with their bridles don't even
      > As reported earlier the left side of the mainbridles of my
      waterfoil 3.6
      > snapped, so did the crossbridles of the right side last wednesday.
      > answers from Perter Lynn yet. My dealer only suggested:
      > "you can send the kite back to Peterlynn at our expense of coarse
      (but has
      > to be by economy air mail),"
      > which is not verry satisfying for me, sitting here in Europe, as I
      > want
      > to give my kite away for 3 weeks for a 1 hours job, which I can
      easily do on
      > my own if they give me the exact measurements.
      > I've already missed 5 days with great suthern winds (4-5bft), sunny
      > conditions and warm airtemperatures. As these are the first days in
      > season and I'm really hungry to go kitesurfing after a long winter,
      it hurts
      > even more. Plus in mid May normally the wind takes a break until
      > over here.
      > If anybody also has the Waterfoil 3.6, please can you measure the
      > section of the mainbridle (7 black lines per side) make a scetch
      and post it
      > here.
      > thanks in advance
      > Ronald
      > PS: if you buy a Waterfoil, with these black bridlelines (verry
      > material), before you go on the water the first time, open the
      knots and sew
      > them to be shure there are no knots to come loose, or replace them
      with a
      > different kind of lines.
      > PPS: it's not that funny being on the water and almost knocking
      yourself out
      > of consiousness with your bar, because the bride snaps.

      There's much to what you say, and it should serve as a wake-up call.
      Doubtless I'll be flamed by the PL devotees, but....
      PL has a long history of terrific innovation followed by development
      on-the-fly, mediocre execution and sketchy supply/distribution.
      IMHO, buying the latest and greatest PL product is really buying a
      cutting edge concept that will surely be changed in subsequent
      versions to rectify inadequacies. This means that early PL adopters
      are doing PL's development work. I've talked to kite dealers all
      over the US and they all seem to agree - "Pl makes great stuff,

      My own quaint belief is that businesses have an obligation to
      appropriately support their customers. This extends to information
      necessary to use/maintain the product, availability of spare parts,
      etc etc. Suppliers that provide this support get my business (lots
      of too). I got a Big Foot buggy from PL. Lots of fun, but it's my
      first and last PL product. It has INHERENT design features that
      demand frequent service/parts replacement. Yet the parts are
      obscure, difficult to source, special order items.
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