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Re: [ksurf] Posting etiquette...

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  • Greg Cashen
    Re: [ksurf] Posting etiquette...Hi Mans, Thanks for the advice, but this still wouldn t solve the problem. I would still see the heading and go to download the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2000
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      Re: [ksurf] Posting etiquette...
      Hi Mans,
      Thanks for the advice, but this still wouldn't solve the problem. I would still see the heading and go to download the message if I thought it was something I was interested in, and then I would end up downloading the previous replies I had already read. Besides, I like having this list come to me in my inbox, as I consider most of these posts to be very informative and useful, even if it doesn't necessarily apply to me. But, like I said, nobody here is benefitting from :) followed by three previous posts appended to it. Marco agreed that this WAS supposed to be a private conversation, and I know that I too have inadvertantly made the mistake of replying to the group, not the individual. All I am asking is that we treat this group as more than a bathroom stall that we scribble our neat little notes and witticisms on. Think about what you post -- everybody here is going to read it.
      Also, remember, every time we reply to the group, the advertisement gets tacked on to the end of the message, and this builds up quite fast. I deleted 3 of the exact same advertisement at the end of this message, along with the previous posts (other than the one to which I am directly replying) in order to save me time in uploading it and everybody else in downloading it.
      As for connection speeds...70% of us are still using 56k or slower connections, and even then it is rare that we get anywhere near 56k, so please be considerate to the laggers.
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      Subject: Re: [ksurf] Posting etiquette...

      Hi Greg

      I think all post i get from kitesurflist is nice, but on the other hand I´m on a 256kb/s cable.
      If you dont whant to download all the mail on the list there is posible to click on the egroups delivery options and choose "no mail/web only" option. you will find this option on the "my groups" page.
      Then u can select what you want to read.
      This group is good anyway, not so many people posting big pics and so.
      good luck with your options, and have a nice day ;o)

      Regards, Måns.

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