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Re: [ksurf] Wakeboard tips??

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  • Jeff Quick
    Ya, I just got my Custom 157 CM in from Dave. I haven t ridden it yet, but it is WAY lighter than I thought. The thing should rock! I can t wait for the
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 4 3:28 PM
      Ya, I just got my Custom 157 CM in from Dave. I haven't ridden it
      yet, but it is WAY lighter than I thought. The thing should rock! I
      can't wait for the weekend! (stay away from corporate jobs...they
      DON'T care that the wind is blowing outside...and that it doesn't
      on the weekends).


      --- In kitesurf@egroups.com, "paul menta" <pmenta@m...> wrote:
      > dave,phakie means when you ride with your oposite foot foward.so if
      you ride goofy foot[right foot foward],when your fakie you would be
      riding left foot foward . as far as edgeing goes,you have your toe
      side edge and your heel side edge.you will mostly be riding on you
      heel side edge,especialy to go up wind[this is also called your
      rail].as far as up wind goes,like todd said in an e-mail" rail, rail,
      and rail some more",and its true you really got to dig that edge in
      get the board to hook up. another great tip from stan is to look at
      the kite out of the corner of your eye when going up wind,point your
      head to where your going. on dave board only attach the leash to the
      rear of the board,put a strap in the center and it will go under
      water. fins keep you tracking better and help huge amounts on
      landings.they will stop the board from slidding out ,although some
      boards wilth improper rails will still do this. yo have bought an
      awsome board,they plane so easy,great handling,good jumping ,even in
      bigger waves. i have dave making me a higher wind board now,twin
      fin,daves a good guy and will design anything if you give him the
      specs,not that theres not any other good boards out there,but dave
      backs his stuff up,and from what ive seen so far,quality and custmer
      service are huge when buying boards,like if you have
      quetions.........i had a great day out in the keys today,winds at
      22,warm water ,going up wind ,not walking....gotta lov it .....paul
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Dave Raue
      > To: kitesurf@egroups.com
      > Sent: Monday, April 03, 2000 10:02 PM
      > Subject: [ksurf] Wakeboard tips??
      > Need tips for wakeboards, new Litewave just arrived!!!
      > 1. Sorry, I'm not a surfer, never intend to be. Is goofy foot
      just dominant foot? And what does fakie (phakie?) mean? Do I need
      care (except to talk to surfers who assume that the vocab is a
      universal form of communication, intuitive to all sentient
      > 2. Is it basically same as heel-down snowboarding, carving on an
      edge? Similarities/differences? If similar, YIPPEE!
      > 3. Where's best place to attach leash to board? Litewave has
      leash plug on one end. Don't some go to the middle?Is it hard enough
      to get out that it doesn't matter?
      > 4. Is all your time on the rail so fins don't matter? Is it
      possible to ride flat?
      > 5. What else do I need to concern myself with?
      > I'm totally stoked! Advice valued, as always, thanks,
      > Dave
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