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[ksurf] Re: Help me please!!!

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  • Raphaël
    De : Raphaël Salles A : Martin Rothwell Martin , its difficult to explain you the upwind by mail but I m sure that its nearly impossible to go upwind with a
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 11, 1999
      De : Raphaël Salles
      A : Martin Rothwell

      Martin , its difficult to explain you the upwind by mail but I'm sure that
      its nearly impossible to go upwind with a 15 m lines ??
      Are you always sailing with so short lines ?
      For my kites I use 40 m from my 9 m² to my 2 m² some time 30 m .
      With the Wipika 8.5 m² you have to use 40 m in light wind and 30 m in
      stronger wind : 14 to 18 knots . Its really hard to use 8.5 m² over 16 - 18
      knots . Its also difficult to go upwind in the lower and higher part of the
      range with the Wipika , the best is to use it in the middle :10 to 14 knots
      If you are overpower you have to place the kite really close to the water so
      it doesn't pull you rail out of the water .
      If you take too much speed , you will be pull down wind by the kite , try to
      control your board speed by pushing more on the rail .
      Of course a soft kite will give you a much better up wind and wind range .
      With my 6.5 m² I can sail upwind from 7 to 23 knots .
      Best footstrap positions on F.ONE 215 are : front in the second position
      counting from the back and back footstrap on the really back.

      JIBE :
      Same problem with 15 m lines its really difficult to jibe .
      Use 40 m .
      1 Place the kite half way , between the water and the top .
      2 Take you back foot out from back footstrap .
      3 Pull on your back hand to make the kite turning back .
      4 Push on back foot to start turning the board .
      5 Half way of jibing the board kite should be on other tack .
      6 You are finishing the jibe with the board , push one last time on back leg
      and turn you feet around . Kite is already pulling you out of the jibe on
      the right tack .

      See you on the water
      Raphaël Salles
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      >Subject: [ksurf] Help me please!!!
      >Hello everyone!
      >Hope you all had a good weekend with good wind for Kitesurfing. I am
      >hoping that someone can answer a few questions and explain where I am
      >going wrong.
      >I have been kitesurfing whenever possible for the last 6-8 months. I
      >have 8.5 and 3.5sqm Wipikas and use a 2.15 F-One Kitesurf board. I weigh
      >80kg. This weekend I used the 8.5 in about 20 Knots of wind with 15
      >metre lines (two lined wing). The session was the best so far. It was
      >pretty extreme and the fastest I have ever been. It seems to me that it
      >is easier to kitesurf when the wind is at the top end of the scale
      >rather than the bottom. Does anyone agree?
      >I have two problems which I need help with:
      >1. I cannot go upwind yet. What is the secret? Some of you have said in
      >previous messages that you go upwind really well. Is it that the
      >equipment I use is not the best to learn with or is it just my
      >technique? I have thought about trying bigger fins or moving the
      >footsraps forward so my weight is more central on the board to get more
      >rail in the water or even trying a bigger board. How do you do it? Any
      >2. What is the best technique for a gybe turn? I have been trying to
      >throw myself into the turn keeping my feet in position and then as I
      >come out of the turn facing the opposite direction I try and change my
      >feet. It is at this point I crash and burn.
      >These are the two main problems. I can always get up and going and even
      >pull a little air although sometimes unexpected.
      >I hope someone can help me.
      >Thanks in advance.
      >UK Kitesurfer (trying)

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