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[ksurf] tests of equipment

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  • srosso@bunge.com.br
    After 2 four day weekends in a row - for christmans and New years - I managed to test some of my new toys 2 kites and 1 board 9.5 m2 Concept air EXS - very big
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 1999
      After 2 four day weekends in a row - for christmans and New years - I
      managed to test some of my new toys

      2 kites and 1 board

      9.5 m2 Concept air EXS -
      very big soft foil from the guys at concept air (canada) - wind range 4-10
      kts - i used it in a light 6 kts breeze and it was great - more maneuvrable
      than i expected and very powerful - I expected it to be tough to ride in
      the soft winds but the light winds are also very stable - the kite had
      fantastic resistance to luffing - I still have not managed to luff it
      (maybe I am getting better at flying a kite) - but I think that the great
      size of the kite makes it more difficult to luff - its almost a paraglider
      ! I am very happy with this kite as it makes the lightest breeze
      kitesurfable (and I have not crashed it even once on three times I went out
      with it!)

      6.3 m2 Cquad - kitesurf model -
      The kite arrived after some customs delay - it is the kitesurf model -
      carbon spars and foam leading edge - I used the Peter Lynn Quad bar
      (pictures will be available soon) with it on christmas day - about 10-12
      kts with gusts to 15... and a 215 Fone baord... I had LOTS of power - At
      first it took some time to figure out the 4 lines but once it is up in the
      air it is VERY maneuvrable and very powerful - lots of smooth power. I also
      found it very resistant to luffing and the 4 lines really gives some good
      control. I did not manage to get a good control on depowering it in the
      gusts because I need more practice with 4 line control but it felt very
      strong at the edge of the window and the upwind ability seemed very good -
      but i need more time with it... I was out of control most of the time. It
      is more difficult to pack (it needs a big bag) abd launching tecnhique is a
      little akward . if it hits the water the great control makes it easy to
      relaunch but if it gets partially submerged i had a very hard time... need
      more practice here also... I had some good 1 to 1 and a half meter waves
      and I launche some of my biggest air with this kite - 5-6 meters in the air
      easily -

      New prototype light wind kitesurf board
      I designed a board with a local shaper for specific use in light winds. th
      eobjective was early planing and upwind ability in light winds - about 50
      cm wide and 220 cm long - it has 5 FCS fins the front two right between the
      front and back footstraps... it has 4 straps - 2 front in a v shape and 2
      back one farther forward for upwind ability.. very thin edges and the
      leash is connected to the front of the board instead of the back... these
      where my results from a first test - the board is not finished yet so I may
      be adapting it

      1 upwind ability GREAT - with the above mentioned 9.5 EXS wing I was going
      upwind in very light wind - I dont know exactly but about 5 kts. the very
      thin edges and the extra fins really helped - with the extra fins it also
      rode quite flat - the angle to the water was way less than the usual 45
      (maybe 20?) - i could feel the extra lift of the front fins
      2 planing ability - GREAT - with its extra width especially under the feet
      - it planes as soon as it starts moving - the voulme is very low - maybe
      the same as my 215 FONE because I really made the edges thin - not designed
      for waves - the flatter rocker - especially in the back - made the board
      easier to get pumped onto a full plane
      3 leash attachment - at the front - GOOD idea - when I am going into the
      water - the board know follows me - and offers less resistance - with the
      leash at the back of the board it tended to fishtail all over the place -
      it also reduced the tendency of the board to turn upside down when hit by a
      wave - when riding the leash tended to get in the way of the feet - I might
      move it to the back because of this fault

      FCS fins - the plugs were attached in a too delicate manner - will have to
      be reinforced - just the sideforce from riding upwind almost ripped the
      plugs out on one of the fins - maybe i will remove the FCS system for
      conventional surf fins

      I will post pictures of the three above as soon as i get some good ones -


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