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9629[ksurf] Re: Another bad day

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  • Eugene Visser
    Feb 1, 2000
      Having flown the 3.5 Waterfoil I can definitely put you at ease about it's
      performance and simplicity of use.

      There are no special tools or accesories(pumps or condoms ;-) required to
      inflate it or to prep it for launch though we have aided it by preinflating
      it using an hand/electric pump from a air-matress. Considering the kite had
      only 6 small vents on the LE it inflated pretty fast and was ready for use
      in a matter of about 5mins.

      I have not been able to crash it in an unrecoverable position. As stated the
      only time when problems may occur as with most waterfoils is when caught up
      in the surf. The kite might actually require assistance to land. Furthermore
      I have done my best to luff it on purpose and in all cases could recover it
      with ease, usually as soon as the luff occured. The kite flies better with a
      dualline flying method while accelerating the turns with the use of the

      The power and control is smooth and this kite more than surprised me while
      doing a jump as a powertest. Being overly familiar(spoiled actually) with
      C-quads I've nearly forgotten how misleading the onset of power on a foil
      can be. Otherwise we were more than powered up on the 3.5 Waterfoil when we
      were predominantly using 4.2 C-quads. On the same afternoon this kite was
      used to rescue/haul someone back after they had luffed their 4.2 C-quad in
      the channel and was unable to return to shore in the outgoing tidal current.
      The upwind performance is also outstanding.

      The only time any accessory was required was to aid deflation. A tube was
      inserted to bypass the LE valves to let air out before packing it away.


      I am in no way associated to Peter Lynn Kite co. other than the fact that I
      own and use some of their products.

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      From: Eric Savener [mailto:eric_savener@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, 2 February 2000 14:04
      To: kitesurf@...
      Subject: [ksurf] Re: Another bad day

      Careful Erik, those PL boys say the C-Quad is water relaunchable too.
      Can't trust what you read these days. Post your experience with it or
      send me an e-mail once you've played with it a little.

      erik fryman <efryma-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/kitesurf/?start=9617
      > No more C-quads for me. I just ordered a PL 5.7 Waterfoil. US$475,
      > beats the price on most of the other foils.
      > Jeff Quick wrote:
      > > No worries Erik! I have had worse luck than this multiple times
      > > and I finally managed to get some incredible days in. Don't give
      > > Be sure to buy a 10.5 C Quad for those super light wind days...
      > >
      > > Jeff
      > >
      > > "erik fryman" <efryma-@...> wrote:
      > > original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/kitesurf/?start=9602
      > > > The winds were supposed to be blowing 10-15 mph and sideshore
      > > so I decided to take my 6.3 C-quad out. Once I got to the beach the
      > > winds were only blowing 8-10, with some lulls. Got the kite in the
      > > and my leash on and out in the surf I went. Got out past the
      > > and was fighting to keep the C-quad in the air. As soon as I got it
      > > overhead the wind would die and the kite would luff and I had to
      > > it moving to keep it off the water. The kite finally settled on the
      > > water, trailing edge first. There was enough wind to keep the kite
      > > upright and I thought that I might be able to re-launch. Then the
      > > started to sink slowly, it was still sitting nice and straight with
      > > wind holding it up. After a while the whole kite was under water,
      so I
      > > ended up dragging it back to the beach. Someone mentioned in a
      > > post about the C-quad being a sea-anchor, and that is exactly what
      > > was. Slowly but surely I got the kite drug back on the beach ready
      > > start over. But I found that two of the bridle lines were snapped,
      so I
      > > called it a day.
      > > > Maybe someone doesn't want me to kitesurf, I sure don't have a
      lot of
      > > luck with my kites. But hey, I just got a new credit card in the
      > > so I'm ready to shop for a new kite!.
      > > >
      > > > Erik
      > > >
      > >
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