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9625[ksurf] Re: ksurfing w / dolphins

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  • Steve Bateman
    Feb 1, 2000
      Raul F Argilagos wrote:

      > a big pod of dolphins just swimming across my path.
      > So what do I do? Jibe and sail along with them (probably
      > 6-7 of them swimming along) all the way to the shore, apparently
      > they were chasing some bait fish or other. I just think that was
      > a great cruising experience on my kiteboard -

      Reminds me of a buggy experience at El Mirage Dry lake. In the
      summer, you can sometimes buggy cross wind along with bats, as they
      catch bugs blowing downwind. Quite cool

      Steve Bateman geokite at sprintmail dot com
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