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9596[ksurf] Re: 3-line Quadrifoil KS + 3 lines with reel bar

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  • Dave Raue
    Feb 1, 2000
      FWIW, I use non-KS models of the same kites and I love 'em. I've found
      the XXXL to be remarkably luff resistant and very responsive for it's
      size. But obviously it's not a Flexi stacker! In fact I can't ever
      remember water-crashing it except for one time that I was in a tidal
      creek where the current was about headed downwind at 4 kts and wind
      only 6 or so, and lines kept going slack! For me XXXL is useable over
      5-6 kts and starts getting too wild over 12 or so. I'm 200# on 7'2"
      Fox board. but I'm a pussy, probably Todd is more courageous :-))


      "rony jabbour" <peacesur-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/kitesurf/?start=9591
      > todd snyder <boomji-@...> wrote:
      > original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/kitesurf/?start=9552
      > > I kitesurf with the quad ks models xl & xxxl
      > How do you like the xxxl? Does it tend to luff a lot? Is it relatively
      > fast for it's size? What wind range do you really have a good time in?
      > etc....
      > I'm looking for a 9+ foil for next summer but I really hate big kites
      > with a passion...Hopefully I'll find one that'll change my opinion of
      > them!
      > Thanks for your answers,
      > Rony
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