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9590[ksurf] Re: ksurfing w / dolphins

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  • Steve
    Jan 31, 2000
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      Wow - cool story. Thanks
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      Date: Monday, January 31, 2000 7:44 PM
      Subject: [ksurf] Re: ksurfing w / dolphins

      >well this was a pretty cool weekend so I thought I'd share with
      >everybody what I did. I was out on Sunday kitesurfing on the
      >ocean side of the sunshine skyway bridge in Tampa, FL
      >(read, huge-miles) in 10-15kts and slowly working my way
      >upwind on my 7.0m2 and 215cm F-ones when I run across
      >a big pod of dolphins just swimming across my path.
      >So what do I do? Jibe and sail along with them (probably
      >6-7 of them swimming along) all the way to the shore, apparently
      >they were chasing some bait fish or other. I just think that was
      >a great cruising experience on my kiteboard - definitely you can
      >use a kitesurf rig for wandering around and cruising along just
      >as good as any windsurfing rig, maybe better since you are more
      >agile even at slower speeds.
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