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942[ksurf] Re: AW: NASA wing handling characteristics

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  • David Czinczenheim
    Dec 1, 1998
      Where did you buy your Cquad everyone said there , it's not ok to have any at time ?
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      Date : mardi 1 décembre 1998 09:46
      Objet : [ksurf] Re: AW: NASA wing handling characteristics

      I have to agree with Michel. A Nasa wing is a cheap kite and it handles like
      one too. I have 4 Nasawings of LK 1.75, LK2.25, LK 2.5 and LK 3 (LK3 is only
      6.95 square metres by the way and not 8.5) My first waterexperience was with
      the big Nasamonster LK3 and it went OK. I was on a kneeboard in the Northsee
      on the Dutch coast and made some cool jumps but you can only go downwind
      with a Nasawing. The Nasawing is a kite with a very poor windwindow and just
      because of that it keeps pulling! 
      A Nasawing is fun for traction on your feet or bodydragging and fun when you
      want to be able to buggy in low winds and don't want to spent a lot of money
      on big hi tech matrasses. It is not suitable for jumping or buggyraces or
      surfing or any other kind of sport where you desire good upwind performance.
      If you still expect that from this kite it can be even dangerous. 
      One day my standard Quadrifoil of 5 square metres wasn't pulling
      sufficiently to get me really going on my surfboard so I took my Nasawing
      LK3 but with my surfboard under one arm and controlling the Nasawing with
      the other I couldn't walk backwards into the water because it was pulling
      too hard, purely because of it's poor upwind performance. You'll just have
      to believe me when I say that it's not because of my kitebuilding
      capabilities. So I would recommend other kites for kitesurfing, certainly
      when you expect to return to the starting point. 
      I have surfed with a Wipika once and I think it's a great kite. First time I
      saw it I thought that it couldn't have good upwind performance but I was
      very wrong. You can easily control the 8.5 m² model in stronger winds. Any
      matrass will do fine as well with the exception of the waterstart of course
      and recently I bought a C-quad 6.3 and expect a lot from it. Maybe this is
      the cheapest solution for kitesurfing. 
      There is one minor detail... it's freezing in Holland so no surfing! Well,
      there is still buggying and kiteskating/sailing...
      > srosso@... wrote:
      > > i got dragged until i fell back wards and then i ketp getting dragged...
      > on
      > > my back and it wouldnt stop it dragged me up a sand dune - a soft one
      > but
      > > up anyway and this was all over soft sand !!
      > > 
      > > = the 10kts is not really the wind range you want but it means that at
      > 10
      > > kts a 10 meter kite is out of control !
      > With a Traction soft wing it would not happen. because it's easier to
      > control. And it's still manoeuvrable in those size.
      > Michel
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