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931[ksurf] Re: AW: No Subject

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  • Dave Culp
    Dec 3, 1998
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      > It depends on the knot, and how it's tied. Sleeving obviously
      > helps enormously. As for the knot, a figure-8 on a bight (loop) is
      > supposedly the strongest possible non-spliced loop. Since the standard
      > knot for that purpose in kiting appears to be an overhand on a bight,
      > we're pretty close as is.
      Don't kid yourself, however. "Strongest possible" only means you lose
      40% of strength, as opposed to 60%, or more. Knotted lines are a waste
      of money, weight and wind resistance. In a race, a flier using lighter,
      spliced lines will *always* beat a heavier lined, knotted flyer,
      especially to windward. Believe it.

      Dave Culp
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