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8609[ksurf] Re: Setting up lines

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  • Rony Jabbour
    Jan 4, 2000
      todd snyder <boomji-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/kitesurf/?start=8559
      > Heres a diagram for third lines set up for foils . Its worked on my
      f.one 6.5,
      > xl ,xxl and xxxl kiyesurfer models.

      Hi Todd,

      I assume from your drawing that you run the third line through ONE of
      the main flying lines lark's head knot.... Why not let the third line
      run straight
      down to the bar so everything is symetrical up there?

      How do you like the xxxl (9.6 m) kitesurfer? Any problems, decent
      turning speed
      for the size, etc...? What's the REAL wind range of that kite (fully
      powered to almost cannot hold an edge anymore!)

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