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8572[ksurf] Re: Naish Bladder Inflation

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  • Simon Lahiff
    Jan 3, 2000
      the naish kites come with a 6 month warranty don't they ??
      let your naish dealer sort it out for you.

      david trewern <davi-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/kitesurf/?start=8512
      > I would be carefull pumping up the kite until you can pump no more....
      > I have always had my kite very firm, but I could have definately
      pumped the kite much further, and my kite is becoming damaged.
      > My Naish Kite is only about 2.5 months old, and I have some rather
      severe stretching happening at the seams.
      > I am now very careful not to pump the kite up too hard. I have been
      learning - so the kite has had some crashes into the water / sand with
      it's leading edge - but I am a bit worried that the
      > seams will get worse, especially since the kite is so new.
      > In some parts, the seam had pulled away as much as 5mm, and the
      leading edge bladder is being held together by the threads only. The
      fabric at the seam has lost it's stability. None of the
      > threads have snapped - so the leading edge is still ok, and seems
      strong. I am worried about this getting worse though - or damaging the
      bladder. (You can easily see the bladder through the
      > streched threads at the seams.)
      > I read a few days ago about using wetsuit neoprene seam glue to fix
      this - where can you get this from? Can you get it in clear or white,
      or dies it just come in black?
      > Other than this problem, I love my Naish Kite... I have come a long
      way with it in only 2 months...
      > Steve, let me know how much the AR5's are when you know more. I might
      be interested in a 7.0.
      > thanks,
      > David T
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