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8563[ksurf] Re: Setting up lines

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  • Todd Snyder
    Jan 2, 2000
      I use 30''long 4mm marlow leader line attached to the center of the bar.No leash no safety release.Just reach up and pull the leader and the kite comes striaght down in the middle of the window no problem at all I can land in high gusty winds or in low winds same way .Eaiser than landing with handles .I stay hooked in and just pull on the center line. I have the travel set up, when kite is in flight the trailing edge is flat but  enough leader to grad to totally collapse the kite no spinning of the kite due to total collapse.

      Antonio Lage wrote:

      At 18:38 02-01-00 -0800, you wrote:
      >Heres a diagram for third lines set up for foils . Its worked on my f.one
      >xl ,xxl and xxxl kiyesurfer models.

      I saw your drawing...what you use in the lower part? a stopper or you
      connect to the wrist leash?


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