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8558[ksurf] Re: Quadrifoil kite impression needed

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  • Todd Snyder
    Jan 2, 2000
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      I was out today, got some really good clearing winds20 to 25 knots ,with my xl ks model. I fly three line mode on a bar. Dump it once from a jump . It folded landed on the water and took right back off less than 10 sec.I have used the xxxl and dump it 3 times and launched every time . The big xxxl turns really slow with the bar set up in light winds (under 10knots) but still launched from the water...

      750.$U.S. CHEAP FOR A 4.9 !!!!

      Tzachi wrote:

      I came accross this kite - Quadrifoil XL


      is there someone who surf with it , relauchabillity ?
      what the impression of its  performance ?
      its price is some how cheap - whats the catch ?

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